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Welcome to a greener future!

Celtic Green Energy are one of longest established and leading independent solar power installer in Wales. Since 2013, we have given exemplary standards of service using the finest quality materials, equipment and products offering greater durability, reliability, longevity and performance. All these factors ensure our customers have the very best service, whether they are domestic, agricultural or commercial enterprises across Wales.

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We have compiled a really useful document to tell you all about solar power and how it can help you reduce your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint. You can download this FREE solar guide here – simply submit the following information and our energy advisor will be in touch:

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Welcome to Herald newspaper readers!

To celebrate our collaboration with the Herald Digital Newspaper we are offering their readers who visit our page a special offer on the installation of solar power system of 2 years FREE maintenance package. To qualify, simply call our energy help line on 01269 500388 and quote ‘The Herald Newspaper’. Remember to keep an eye on our articles on energy saving ideas and information about moving over to solar energy. You can visit the Herald newspaper here: The Pembrokeshire Herald (

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Secure the future energy needs of your home

We can help and advise you of the best energy solutions for your home including reducing energy bills, lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.


Futureproof your business energy needs

With greater pressure on businesses to become carbon neutral, solar panel, battery storage, EV Chargers and air source heat pumps will offer significant reductions to your energy and carbon issues.

Celtic Green Energy Farming


Time to harvest the power of the sun

Agriculture and farming have the perfect opportunities to take advantage of renewable energy schemes to help offset carbon emissions, generate solar energy and use this resource to power electric vehicles, machinery and equipment.


Energy price rise alert...

  • UK Consumer groups warn of energy price rises
  • Consumers under increasing financial pressure 
  • Russia Ukraine conflict continues to raise concern for UK energy security
  • Scientists look to better ways to generate electricity
  • Solar power technology provides a natural energy solution
  • Wales leading solar provider offers assistance
  • Drive for more solar powered EV chargers
  • Get help from our customer energy helpline



Renewable energy solutions:

Learn more about our range of renewable energy solutions that will help you find the best option for your needs.

Follow the links on the following categories.

Solar PV Panels
Solar PV panels are the perfect way to capture FREE energy from the Sun's rays and convert it into electricity. You can learn more about the various solutions we have available to suit your needs here.
Energy Storage
We have a variety of energy storage solutions that allows you to save excess solar energy so it can be used for another time, whether you want it for your heating in the evening, or to charge your electric vehicle overnight.
EV Charger Installation
With the dramatic growth in electric vehicle market, we are able to accommodate the needs of domestic and commercial customers linking EV Charge points to national grid or SolarPV syetms.
Discover our extensive range of energy efficient eco-heating heat solutions including air source, ground source, exhaust and mechanical ventilation systems that will keep your property warm all year round.
Based in the heart of the rural economy, we have a close working understanding of the needs of the agriculture sector and can offer a comprehensive installation service to provide the best economic solutions
With growing demands on businesses and industry, renewable energy can offer significant cost savings and environmental demands for carbon CO2 reductions to help meet upcoming government energy targets
Underfloor Heating
Combined with our heat pumps, underfloor heating is the perfect solution for stylish, open plan living. It provides a warm and comfortable feeling underfoot, and come with a range of control options.
Spray Foam Insulation
Sprayed foam can provide effective insulation against the extremities of temperature with excellent coverage for all kinds of properties including newbuilds or renovations including boats and campervans.


An assurance of quality...

You can download a copy of the Trustmark Customer Charter and Code of Conduct here:

Celtic Green Energy prides itself on the superior quality of work and customer satisfaction. We endeavour to follow meticulous attention to detail whilst providing our customers with the reassurance of long term aftercare and support. We maintain our high standards by following the guidelines and regulations of our industry codes of conduct.


the local business with nationwide care

From our centrally based headquarters near Cross Hands in South Wales, Celtic Green Energy serves the whole of the Welsh principality with our team of specialist renewable energy installers, electricians, plumbers and technicians.

Map Of Wales

We are located near Cross Hands in Carmarthenshire

Celtic Green Vans Collection

Look out for our distinctive Celtic Green Energy vans


Discover the benefits of renewable energy...

Trusted reviews

You can read more of our customers’ reviews here.

Friendly local customer support

Investing in renewable energy can be a minefield of complicated and confusing information with an abundance of bewildering online propaganda. To help address this issue, we offer our customers the opportunity to speak to someone in person about their individual circumstances, whether they own a small terraced house or a large factory.

Our Cross Hands based customer service team can offer you the comfort of local knowledge, professional expertise and friendly customer support.

If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to contact us direct on 01269 500388 or contact us here:

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