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We are a local, well-established company that supplies, installs and maintains green energy systems in domestic and commercial properties. As renewable energy specialists in Llanelli, we have become a trusted name throughout South Wales due to our expertise, quality products and competitive prices.

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Solar Panels
Solar panels are a great addition to your property as they allow you to be self-sufficient and independent from the national grid.
Heat Pumps
We install a wide range of heat pumps including air source, ground source and reversible pumps that will keep your property warm all year round.
Battery Storage
Battery storage allows you to save excess solar energy so it can be used for another time, whether you want it for your heating in the evening, or to charge your electric vehicle overnight.
Underfloor Heating
Removing the need for big, bulky radiators, underfloor heating is the perfect solution for stylish, open plan living. It provides a warm and comfortable feeling underfoot, and our installations come with a range of control options.
MVHR systems improve indoor air quality while also recovering heat that would normally be lost through normal ventilation. 
We have a range of servicing packages on offer to help keep your energy systems in full working order. For more information, get in touch with us.
Spray Foam Insulation
With our sister company Spray Foam Wales we can provide effective insulation for properties of any size, as well as boats and campervans!
EV Charger Installation
From homes to offices and other commercial spaces, we are the team to call for EV charger installation. We have a wide range of styles available for your property.

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