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Harlequins RFC, a revered institution in Welsh rugby, has embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainability by embracing clean, solar energy through a partnership with Celtic Green Energy. This case study delves into the motivations, actions, and outcomes of this collaboration, showcasing how a commitment to environmental stewardship can redefine the future of sports clubs and their communities.


Nestled in the community of Gorslas, Celtic Green Energy has been a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, aligning perfectly with Harlequins RFC’s dedication to preserving its heritage and ensuring the sustainability of its operations. Recognising the pivotal role rugby plays in Welsh communities, the club sees sustainability as not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to secure its future for generations to come.

Initiative Overview:

Celtic Green Energy’s support extends beyond mere energy provision. By empowering communities to save money and operate sustainably amidst rising energy costs, they contribute significantly to the resilience and vitality of these communities. The collaboration between Harlequins RFC and Celtic Green Energy exemplifies the power of partnership in championing sustainability within the sporting arena and beyond.


Club Chair Paul Driscoll lauds the efficiency and responsiveness of Celtic Green Energy in installing the solar panel system on the clubhouse roof. This system, complemented by two batteries, has substantially reduced the club’s energy consumption, demonstrating the tangible benefits of clean energy adoption. The swift and seamless implementation underscores the effectiveness of collaboration between the sporting and renewable energy sectors.

Outcomes and Future Plans:

The adoption of clean energy not only aligns with global trends towards environmental sustainability in sports but also with World Rugby’s Environmental Sustainability Plan 2030, emphasising the urgent need for climate action. Moving forward, Harlequins RFC aims to maximise the benefits of solar energy surplus by considering initiatives such as adding a third battery and exploring options for electrically heating hot water. These plans highlight the club’s unwavering dedication to harnessing clean energy beyond the rugby pitch.


As the sun sets over the Welsh hills, Harlequins RFC emerges as a beacon of sustainability, illuminating the path towards a cleaner, brighter future. Through their collaboration with Celtic Green Energy, they not only exemplify the power of partnership but also demonstrate how sports clubs can lead by example in championing sustainability within their communities and beyond. The case of Harlequins RFC serves as an inspiration for other sports organisations to embrace clean energy solutions and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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Harlequins RFC Cardiff Case Study

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