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Underfloor heating solutions

We install underfloor heating throughout South Wales, so if you want to remove your unsightly radiators, why not get in touch? These modern systems are the ideal solution for creating a stylish, open plan living space while also providing a warm and comfortable environment. Furthermore, our electric and water underfloor heating also eradicates dust and draughts caused by circulating air, and it is suitable to be installed underneath tiles, laminate, stone or hardwood.

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a high-spec feature that allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during cold weather, particularly if you have naturally cold stone or tile floors and can replace bulky radiators to free up space and give a cleaner decorative finish. You can have underfloor heating fitted in pretty much any home – either when it’s being built or by retrofitting it into an existing property – and under almost any type of flooring. 

Underfloor heating can easily be tailored to your needs, the room it will be fitted in and the flooring type to ensure you get the right heat output for your home. Underfloor heating can also give you the option to have different heating zones that you can control independently. As a general rule, hydronic underfloor heating typically requires more space for the pipes, so may mean floor levels in existing rooms needs to be raised, and is more complex and costly to install, but is likely to be cheaper to run once it’s in place. Electric underfloor heating can be more expensive to run (ideal with solar panel energy) but tends to be easier and cheaper to fit. 

If you want to use underfloor heating as a room’s primary heat source, there are a few things to bear in mind.  

  • Use a system that’s at least 200W per square metre (if it’s electric)
  • Ensure the system covers between 80% and 90% of your room’s total floor area (wall to wall).
  • The floor covering must have a relatively low thermal resistance so heat can get through it easily.
  • You’ll need to install insulation boards beneath the underfloor heating to reduce the amount of heat being lost downwards.
  • It’s worth keeping in mind that you will probably need to run the system at a higher temperature than if you were using it with another heat source. 
Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Plumbed Hydronic


Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using a plumbed hot water source

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Electric


Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using an electric power source

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

A Hydronic water-based underfloor heating system consists of a series of pipes connected to a boiler via a manifold that circulates warm water throughout the floor to heat the space. Because the heat emitted from an underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single radiator, the system can use water at a lower temperature to create a more efficient way of heating your home.

Underfloor heating is generally associated with stone or tiled floors, but you can fit it in a carpeted room – you’ll just need to ensure that the carpet and underlay isn’t so dense that it stops the heat moving upwards (a tog of no more than 2.5 is a general rule of thumb).

Heat sources for Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Celtic Green Energy - Gas logo

Gas Boiler

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using a plumbed water source heated by a conventional gas boiler

Airsource Logo

Air Source

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using a plumbed water source heated by air source heat pump system


Ground Source

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using a plumbed water source heated by geothermal ground source heat pump 

Exhausted Logo

Exhaust Air

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using a plumbed water source heated by recovered exhaust air heating system

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating is a great choice for any home as it can be linked to virtually any heat source, including standard boilers as well as sustainable technologies such as solar energy or heat pumps. It comes with a range of control options from single programmable wired or wireless thermostats, to a full networked system that can be controlled remotely from your PC or laptop.

The floor surface will be gently warmed throughout to 23°C – 26°C which then emits radiant heating through the people and objects in the room instead of being lost in the air. Therefore, this also means that there is no loss of air quality in the room so you can live in a healthier environment.

Hydronic underfloor heating options

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - standard output

Standard system

A standard output system suitable for internal well-insulated areas such as a living room, kitchen or bathroom, controlled by a single thermostat.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - High output

High output system

A high output system suitable for areas of high heat loss – ideal for conservatories, extensions and external buildings with lots of glass.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - multizone

Multizone system

A multi zone system suitable when you want to control different rooms at different temperatures and times, ideal for complete new builds.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Low Profile

Low profile system

A low profile system using a smaller pipe diameter to attain a lower floor height. Ideal for use  on existing floors with minimal disruption.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric powered underfloor heating is an ideal alternative to Hydronic underfloor heating when it is not practical or feasable. Underfloor Heating can be fully controllable and programmable acting as a secondary heating source to provide comfortable background ambient heat, great for all underfloor compliant floor coverings, but particularly suitable for hard floor surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. With a series of concealed electric cables contained within or below the surface, they are a great way to take the chill out of tiles or laminate floors to offer a warm, cosy and comfortable environment.

A number of factors need to be considered when installing an Electric Underfloor Heating system to achieve optimum performance. This will depend on the size of the room and how well insulated it is, what condition the existing or planned flooring is like, whether it is insulated and what type of floor covering is required to complete the top surface. There are a number of convenient solutions for installing Electric Underfloor Heating Options including Loose Wiring, Inscreed Cable, Sticky Mat, Foil Heater or a Heated Decoupling system (DCM-PRO)

Power sources for Electric underfloor heating

Celtic Green Energy : Solar Power

Solar Energy

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using free daytime solar energy

Celtic Green Energy : Stored Solar energy

Solar Batteries

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating using free stored solar energy

Celtic Green Energy : National Grid power

National Grid

Provides warm ambient underfloor heating national grid energy

Electric Underfloor Heating

We provide electric underfloor heating for homes and a range of other properties across our local area. These systems are suitable for areas across the home including kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories to create consistent temperatures throughout. In addition, you will also have complete control as they come with a range of control options for you to adjust everything to your liking. 

Our electrical systems are designed to be efficient and economical. They offer a warm and comfortable feeling underfoot, heating the entire surface evenly to ensure there are no cold spots!

Electric underfloor heating options

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Loose Cable

Loose cable system

An easy to fit and flexible underfloor heating system suitable for large floor areas and surfaces.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Inscreed

Inscreed system

An easy to fit water resistant underfloor system suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Wood Tile

Foil system

An easy to fit system suitable for floating surfaces such as wood, laminate and carpeting.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat system

A fast and easy to fit underflooring heating system suitable for all floor types.

Celtic Green Energy - Hydronic Underfloor Heating- Decoupling System

Heat Decoupling system

An easy fit impact absorbing system suitable for vulnerable floor types such as tiles.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Loose Cable

Loose Cable Electric Underfloor Heating

Loose Wire systems are an ideal solution for installing in the more awkward locations such as bathrooms. With the cable supplied on a continuous roll, they can be freely laid out with even spacing on a floor to offer a reliable and effective underfloor heating solution working with tiles and many other floor coverings. The heating cables come in flexible easy-to-install rolls that can be cut to length without difficulty. Installation is easy with self-adhesive backing, fixing tape and clips allowing for a stress-free installation.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Inscreed

Inscreed Electric Underfloor Heating

Offering a durable and sturdy ambient heating solution, Inscreed Heating Systems are ideal for floors subject to hard wear and tear such as conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms. Various floor coverings can be applied on top including tiles, laminate and concrete. Since the heater is safely embedded in cementitious screed, there is less of a risk of harming the heating cable if the floor covering is likely to be changed over time. As the heating elements are safely encapsulated, they are ideal for wet area applications such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. The slower heat-up and cool-down time of the Inscreed Cable makes it particularly suitable for rooms which are in constant use, as the screed can be used as a form of storage heating making effective use of cheaper, low-tariff energy usage. Inscreed heating systems are inexpensive to install, easy to maintain and work well in any type of home. Inscreed Cable heating is especially ideal for installations within concrete floor constructions in new builds where the floor height is not an issue. For retrofit in existing concrete floors where there is less room to alter the floor height, another electric underfloor heating system may be a more suitable option.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Wood Tile

Foil Electric Underfloor Heating

Foil Heater Underfloor mats are an ideal solution for ‘floating floor’ surfaces such as wood, laminate and carpets. Installed directly under the floor finish, they require no self levelling and can be easily fitted around objects without the need for complicated wiring. These aluminium foil-backed mats are fully earth screened to offer a safe, cost-effective and energy-efficient way of warming your home or business whilst removing the hassle that cable-based system installation can encounter. Designed with high-quality thermal and reflective reinforced aluminium foil, they work to conserve energy whilst keeping the ground below your feet warm. They are safe to use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and compliant with electrical building regulations.

Celtic Green Energy - Underfloor Heating - Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat Electric Underfloor Heating

The StickyMat System is ideal for fast and effortless installations within regularly shaped areas where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. The StickyMat system consists of a thin 1.8mm wire evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive. The pressure sensitive adhesive securely binds the mats to the floor, keeping them flat and ensuring the application of tile adhesive is snag free whilst allowing the mats to be easily repositioned when necessary. It is ideal for variety of underfloor heating compatible floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet, timber or tiles. The StickyMat system will however require a level surface and can be incorporated into a self levelling compound to provide a flat floor surface.The compatibility with all floor coverings and the bonus that StickyMat does not visibly raise the floor height makes it the ideal system for refurbishment projects. The ultra-thin heating cable is double insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer core making it incredibly durable, tough and easy to lay flooring over. The StickyMat system is BEAB Approved and CE marked, meeting the highest safety 

Celtic Green Energy - Hydronic Underfloor Heating- Decoupling System

Heat Decoupling Electric Underfloor Heating

The DCM-PRO Heated Decoupling System is a technologically advanced electric underfloor heating system that also protects tiled floors from cracking. DCM-PRO’s decoupling membrane features a unique self-adhesive backing making installation adaptable, quick, and easy. The system suits all floor types but has been specifically developed to help protect stone and tiled floor finishes from damage caused by seasonal temperature changes that can affect the sub-floor. Heated Decoupling System are ideal for tiles that are particularly prone to cracking where they will benefit from the anti-fracture membrane. The self-healing decoupling layer of the DCM-PRO membrane contracts and expands to deal with lateral movements in subfloors, preventing damage from occurring to tiled floor coverings. The adhesive layer slides and stretches with expansion. Adhesive layer contracts and self-heals if gap shrinks due to seasonal changes. Protects floor surface from damage caused by lateral subfloor movement. The DCM-PRO low wattage system features an output of 55W/m², making it ideal for use in homes with low load supplies and low levels of heat loss. A low wattage electric system can also allow Solar PV Panels with Solar Battery storage to supply 100% of the load more often – giving your home the potential to be heated entirely by zero carbon, on-site produced electricity. The DCM-PRO decoupling membrane has an effective self-adhesive backing that does not require additional adhesive to firmly attach it to a cleaned and clear subfloor, saving both time and cost. The dimensions of the membrane are designed for convenient sizing so that 2m² of heating cable fits exactly 2m² of membrane. The spacing of the cable can be adjusted to increase or decrease coverage and power. The system is easy to install requiring no tools to fit– simply position the heating cable by hand within the castellations of the membrane, the DCM-PRO can be tiled directly onto, or it can be covered with a layer of self-levelling compound if using with any other floor finish that is certified for use with underfloor heating.

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