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What are Exhaust Air Heat Pumps?

Exhaust Air heat pumps primarily ventilate your house with recirculated air, then uses the latent heat energy contained within the used air to heat the water and the heating system. An exhaust air heat pump simply reuses energy from old consumed air from around the home. Exhaust air heat pumps remove air from wet or cold rooms in your home. Then creating a slight negative pressure to allow air from other areas of the house to circulate where needed. At the same time new outdoor air is drawn in through the valves in the outer walls ensuring all rooms in the home are fully ventilated. Finally, circulated air is taken through the house’s duct system and the heated room air is led to the heat pump where the energy in the air is recovered. This process allows the heat pump to supply the entire house with hot water and heat. This system is particularly suited to smaller properties and apartments.

Exhaust Air Heat Pump Technology

Exhaust Air Heat Pump System

Internal atmosphere heat source

Pump unit is located indoors

Powered by Electricity

Can be powered by Solar

Can supply radiators

Can supply underfloor heating

Celtic Green Energy - Exhaust Heat Pump System

Exhaust Air Heat Pump (EAHP)

We source our Exhaust Air Heat pumps from the world’s leading manufacturer, Swedish based NIBE who offer a comprehensive 10 year warranty on their products.

Although there are other less expensive brands available, we choose NIBE for their superior performance. Built and tested in a harsh Scandinavian climate, they manufacture outstanding build quality that surpass our needs for the worst of British climate. 

NIBE F730 is an intelligent exhaust air heat pump. NIBE F730 provides heating, ventilation, heat recovery and hot water efficiently, simply and economically. With its attractive, stylish design and compact size, the heat pump is easy to accommodate and install, both in new-builds and when upgrading an existing heat pump. The heat pump’s inverter control produces an extremely high and economical heat output. NIBE F730 is well insulated and energy efficient, which minimises heat loss and keeps energy consumption to a minimum. Thanks to smart technology, the product gives you control over your energy consumption and will be a key part of your connected lifestyle. The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort, and you do nature a favour at the same time.


The great benefits of EAHP

Exhaust air heat pumps use energy from the atmosphere to reduce the environmental impact, and are designed to give you an energy-efficient daily life without compromising on comfort. This is done by automatically adjusting the heating according to your habits and the weather forecast.

  • Exhaust Air Heat Pumps are an energy-efficient all-in-one product that are output regulated.
  • Offer high heat output with minimal energy consumption for both new-builds and the renovation and conversion market.
  • Offers greater flexibility within a connected home with smart technology for a simpler life.

The route to renewable energy starts here:

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If you would like to discuss your energy requirements, drop us a line or give us a call and we will arrange for an onsite appointment with our Commercial Sales Director.

Celtic Green Energy : Report

Agree the Proposal

We will discuss and agree your requirements then prepare a detailed cost illustration outlining the most effective energy solutions and expected outcome.

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Project Management

On agreement of the proposal, we will plan and manage the  project including all necessary  paperwork, Building Control and District Network Operator (DNO) requirements for you.

Celtic Green Energy : Installation

System Installation

Our team will plan and arrange for our engineers to install your new system and provide you with an update on progress including regular customer service updates.

Celtic Green Energy : Solar Power

System Commissioning

When the installation is completed, you will receive a comprehensive handover pack including all compliance and warranty certificates and operating instructions.

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