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Store the energy from your solar power

Solar Panel Power Batteries are a great way to get the most out of the energy your panels generate and help you save money.

Solar panels will only generate electricity during daylight so you will need to revert to the national grid at night for your power. If you choose to have batteries installed, you can store any excess energy powered by solar panels during the day which can then be used later that evening.

As each installation is different, each household’s need can vary.  An average household’s daily  power consumption is around 8-10kW so a 5kW battery should be sufficient to provide enough power for a typical household evening’s use. For larger households, we can offer additional batteries to suit your needs. Although there are various batteries available, we only use quality approved Tier 1 batteries from the world’s leading brands chosen for their optimum power, performance and longevity as a assurance of quality to our customers.

Our friendly customer service team can advise you of the best solutions for your needs and help you choose the right system for your requirements. 

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Use solar energy to power your home after dark

Using optional solar batteries, you can store solar energy generated during the day to power a multitude of appliances after dark. This will be dependent on your power consumption and usage, our customer sales team will be able to advise you on the appropriate system for your needs.

Any excess energy needs can be supplemented with power from the national grid.

Celtic Green Energy : Washing machine and kitchen electrical appliances powered by solar energy

Domestic Appliances

Power your washing machines, microwaves

Celtic Green Energy : Television and electrical appliances powered by solar energy


Power your televisions, radios and computers

Celtic Green Energy : EV charging installation

EV Vehicle Charging

Recharge your electric vehicles


Electric Power Tools

Power your tools with stored energy

Celtic Green Energy : Electric Lighting solutions


Provide power for your lighting needs

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Power your electric heaters 

Solar Battery controllability..

Our solar power batteries are fully manageable using a dedicated app on your mobile phone or computer. You can keep an eye on the battery performance including function, usage, monitoring and detailed reports.

Our solar Power Batteries require little or no maintenance and therefore can be stored discreetly out of sight in a loft, under stairs or in a garage. They can be wall or floor mounted whilst their location will be discussed by our surveyor to help you decide on the best location. Once approved, the installation of the battery will take around 3-4 hours.

Battery Control

The route to renewable energy starts here:

Celtic Green Energy : Sales and Customer service enquiry

Request a Survey

If you would like to discuss your energy requirements, drop us a line or give us a call and we will arrange for an onsite appointment with our Commercial Sales Director.

Celtic Green Energy : Report

Agree the Proposal

We will discuss and agree your requirements then prepare a detailed cost illustration outlining the most effective energy solutions and expected outcome.

Celtic Green Energy : Project Management

Project Management

On agreement of the proposal, we will plan and manage the  project including all necessary  paperwork, Building Control and District Network Operator (DNO) requirements for you.

Celtic Green Energy : Installation

System Installation

Our team will plan and arrange for our engineers to install your new system and provide you with an update on progress including regular customer service updates.

Celtic Green Energy : Solar Power

System Commissioning

When the installation is completed, you will receive a comprehensive handover pack including all compliance and warranty certificates and operating instructions.

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