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The natural carbon neutral option for Business that doesn't cost the earth.

Celtic  Green Energy are the leading Renewable energy specialists in South Wales supporting the needs of the local business community. Located in the centre of the Welsh industrial and commercial sector, we provide a comprehensive solar energy service for business, industry and commerce. This includes all aspects of renewable energy solutions for business, from small traders to large manufacturers including service industries, industrial units, retail parks, hospitality, hotels, shops, businesses, offices and education establishments. We are able to advise you on the best energy solutions for your individual circumstances including power consumption, energy storage, planning, location, maintenance and aftercare.

We offer a variety of Solar energy solutions for business, industry and commerce that can help dramatically cut your carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and futureproof the uncertainty of rising bills. Our expert team of friendly customer advisors will be able to explain the variety of options available that can be tailored to your individual needs and budgets.

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We work closely with principle stakeholders such as Government sustainability departments, Local authorities and Energy authorities to ensure conformity to the latest regulations and grant funding initiatives.

You can learn more about the various Solar energy solutions for business, industry and commerce available on this website, but as every individual has their own personal requirements, we suggest you drop us an email or phone our customer advisor team. Once we have received your enquiry, we can arrange for a free no- obligation site visit by one of our surveyors to discuss you individual requirements. 

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The benefit of a renewable energy system

Celtic Green Energy : Solar Power

Use energy

You can use any energy generated during the daylight hours for immediate use to power your electrical equipment 

Celtic Green Energy : Stored Solar energy

Store energy

You can store any energy generated during the day and then retrieve later after dusk use to power your electrical equipment 

Celtic Green Energy : National Grid power

Sell energy

You can feed any surplus energy generated back into the national grid and earn a fee for each unit produced.

Solar, it's the brighter business solution!

Celtic Green Energy Business Solutions

Investing in renewable energy for commerce is a perfect long term solution that can provides many incentives including tax exemptions, lower running costs, environmental benefits and a reduction in carbon footprint to help meet government emission targets. 

Solar power can make significant savings to your annual energy costs, supplementing your electricity needs throughout the year. Where seasonal variation occurs, you can be almost entirely dependant on solar during the summer, whilst during the darker months, you can rely less on the national grid, or take advantage of Solar battery system and store cheaper off-peak electricity and use when required. Stored energy will provide you with continuity of supply avoiding any national grid outages or energy rationing, critical if you rely on energy for your business such as dairy or poultry units.

A renewable energy installation will offer a significant ROI and will provide free electricity for more than 25 years, achieving return on investment of more than 12% pa, and a pay back installation costs within 6-8 years.

You can also consider land diversification with dual purpose allowing cattle or sheep to graze in between the Solar PV panels.

All the benefits of an renewable energy installation will be revealed with a personal onsite survey with our sales advisors.

Use Solar power for energy intensive needs...

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EV Charging Stations

Charge your EV vehicles with renewable energy

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& Equipment

Power your technology with renewable energy

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Cooking & Hot Water

Power heating and cooking with renewable energy

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Refrigeration & Cooling

Power your refrigeration with renewable energy

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Heating & air Conditioning

Power central heating with renewable energy

Celtic Green Energy : Electric Lighting solutions

Lighting & Security

Power your lighting & security with renewable energy

Time to reconsider your rising energy costs...

With the continuing rise in energy costs, businesses have no option but to look at alternative ways to reduce their costs. This illustration highlights the significant change in energy costs over the last three years:

Commercial Scheme Plan22 could always consider solar!

Invest in solar and see your costs energy reduce!

Despite an initial upfront investment in a comprehensive solar installation system, a renewable energy scheme based on current energy tariffs will soon pay for itself within a short period…

Solar Panel energy cost comparison

Take advantage of your green business environment

The work place environment often offers the perfect location for renewable energy  solutions, from large exposed commercial or industrial building to an availability of free open spaces. Celtic Green Energy has a wealth of experience working on small scale to large scale commercial applications  and can supply and install various renewable energy solutions including:

  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Underfloor Heating
  • MVHR 
  • Spray Foam Insulation


As well as installations, we also offer servicing and maintenance packages to ensure your systems are working correctly and as efficiently as possible. Regular inspections are essential for prolonging the life of your appliances and keeping your energy bills as low as possible, just call today to discuss our options. Commercial buildings lend themselves perfectly for placing Solar PV panels to  generate electricity. The electricity generated can be used directly, stored or fed back into the national grid earning a government payback for every unit created. Further information on the government scheme can be found here.

Celtic Green Energy Commercial solar


Solar energy for business, naturally it's a great deal...

Wales leading soft drinks producer adds a sparkling new ingredient to it’s drinks!

Tovali Celtic Green Energy April 2023

Leading independent Welsh drinks manufacturer Tovali has been an icon of Carmarthen life for the last 86 years and enjoyed by generation for their thirst quenching flavours. Keen to embrace modern technology they have added a sparkling new natural ingredient to the manufacturing process – sunshine!

With support from Carmarthenshire Economic Development Fund, Tovali had to address the need to cut their soaring energy costs which had risen from £13,000 to £53,000 in twelve months. “Our manufacturing process includes a fully automated production line that produces over 120,000 bottle of cordials and fruit flavoured squash for sale to major food and drink companies both in the UK and in Europe, the licensed trade and national supermarkets. We are totally reliant on electricity” states Eurwyn Harries, Managing Director. “Despite a healthy business, we were looking at serious economic uncertainty with the continuous rise in energy prices, it would simply be unsustainable. I know a number businesses have ceased trading due to the unprecedented challenges, but as family run business, with both a loyal employee and customer base,  I was not prepared to let that happen.”

Eurwyn outlined ”this was a clear opportunity for us to play our part in investing in renewable energy options for now and into the future, and forms a key part of our carbon footprint reduction activities as part of our Company Net Zero Plan by 2045.”

Eurwyn proactively contacted local Renewable Energy specialists, Celtic Green Energy from Gorslas to investigate the use of Solar power for their needs. They were chosen for their established experience and prudent regard to costs offering the best deal for our needs. MD Julian Jenkins and Sales Director Stuart Jupp undertook a thorough survey of the Tovali site to provide a comprehensive energy proposal where free solar energy would replace the need for costly national grid power, a cost saving of nearly £13,000! Tovali needed an effortless and professional installation that was required without any disruption to its daily manufacturing process. In early January, with a team of specialist installers, the roof of the Tovali building was soon clad in an array of the latest Solar Photovoltaic Panels that convert sunshine into free electricity. The whole system now generates enough electricity to power the energy intensive production line, creating a sustainable power source and in turn keeping Tovali drinks flowing freely for another day.

If you are interested in making cost savings to your energy requirement, you can learn more by visiting or call  01269 500388

To learn more about Tovail visit

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Celtic Green Energy : Sales and Customer service enquiry

Request a Survey

If you would like to discuss your energy requirements, drop us a line or give us a call and we will arrange for an onsite appointment with our Commercial Sales Director.

Celtic Green Energy : Report

Agree the Proposal

We will discuss and agree your requirements then prepare a detailed cost illustration outlining the most effective energy solutions and expected outcome.

Celtic Green Energy : Project Management

Project Management

On agreement of the proposal, we will plan and manage the  project including all necessary  paperwork, Building Control and District Network Operator (DNO) requirements for you.

Celtic Green Energy : Installation

System Installation

Our team will plan and arrange for our engineers to install your new system and provide you with an update on progress including regular customer service updates.

Celtic Green Energy : Solar Power

System Commissioning

When the installation is completed, you will receive a comprehensive handover pack including all compliance and warranty certificates and operating instructions.

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