The cost of running an electric car is cheaper than a petrol or diesel car. The cost of electricity is lower and the maintenance cost for electric cars is also lower. But what about the cost of charging an electric car at home? Is it cheaper than going to a public charge point?

So is it cheaper to charge an electric car at home or not?

The simple answer is yes, it is cheaper to charge an electric car at home than it is to charge at a public charge point. But there are a few things to consider before you make the switch to home charging.

First, you’ll need to have off-street parking. This means you’ll need to have a driveway or garage where you can install a charge point. If you don’t have off-street parking, home charging may not be an option for you.

Electric Car being charged at a modern home

Second, you’ll need to consider the upfront cost of installing a charge point. While the government offers a grant that will cover up to 75% of the installation costs, you will still need to pay the remaining 25%. Depending on the type of charger you choose, this could range from £100 to £500.

Third, you need to think about how much electricity you use. If you have solar panels, then your electricity costs will be lower because you’re generating your own power. Even if you don’t have solar panels, electrify America charges 4 cents per kWh for home charging, while public chargers can cost up to 10 cents per kWh. So if you do a lot of driving, home charging can save you money in the long run.

So I should get an electric car charger for my home?

If you have off-street parking and can install a charger, then home charging is cheaper than using public chargers. You’ll also save time by not having to wait for your car to charge while you’re out and about. solar panels will further lower your costs by generating your own power. Home charging is the most convenient and cheapest way to charge your electric car.

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