One of the most common reactions we have from the general public when enquiring about solar power system is cautious curiosity. They may have already heard basic soundbites about the benefits of solar, that it is a virtuous investment, it’s good for the environment and will save costs in the long term, but how do they choose what is the right system for their needs? What pitfalls can they avoid and as it’s a considerable investment, are they at risk of making a costly mistake?

Let us reassure you that investing in a solar system supplied by a qualified registered, installer is a very low risk undertaking that is protected and governed by regulation. Choose a Solar provider who is registered with MCS – the industry authority who has very stringent compliance to ensure all installers meet their exacting standards and financial regulation.

Naturally, West Wales based Celtic Green Energy meet these requirements and as one of Wales leading renewable energy specialists, have been providing naturally affordable energy solutions the region for the last decade.

Is my property suitable for Solar?

In the first instance, everyone who uses electricity may be able to have a solar system, however, due to the size constraints of large solar panels, not all properties may be suitable. If you don’t have enough roof space, the roof is in poor condition or your roof is permanently in shadow, a Solar install may not be appropriate. As these are large installations, you need to own the property, however, if you rent your property, you would need to seek the landlord’s permission to have an installation fitted.

What can I use Solar power for?

Anything that has an electric plug can be powered by solar power! When the sun shines during the day, electricity is generated by the solar PV panels – even on a cloudy day! You can use your kitchen appliances such as kettles, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators whilst you relax watching daytime TV. If the solar power is insufficient to power these appliances, your alternative power source from the national grid will kick in at the usual tariff charge. Needless to say, the more solar panels you have, the more electricity you generate, the less you are dependent on the national grid and the more you save.

Where do I start?

A good starting point to find a suitable installer is to check out the MCS website for a list of regional registered approved businesses (available here.) or by asking your neighbour who they used and were they happy with the service. A quick phone call will offer you a rough price guide, but a site survey will be needed to ascertain the best system for your needs. At Celtic Green Energy, we have a free Energy Helpline where customers can phone in to discuss their needs in detail. As every property owner has differing criteria from building type, location, environment, living conditions, energy behaviours to monthly consumption – a bespoke Solar system will need to be designed to satisfy these particular constraints. An initial phone call will arrange a no-obligation free site survey when we will be able to advise you on your ideal system.

What do I need?

How to choose the ideal solar system...
How to choose the ideal solar system…

The Renewable Energy surveyor will discuss your usage needs and address your concerns with the most appropriate system for your requirements. Your current energy consumption is always a good starting point, so a solar system will be proposed to match this precedent. There are a variety of solar panel options available – mostly roof mounted, but if roof space is a problem and there is spare land, a ground mount system could be considered. You can also choose to have stylish in-roof panels, all black or bezel edge finishes.

If you use a lot of your energy after daytime, a solar battery system should be considered where you can use solar energy at night. There are a great selection of solar batteries available on the market varying in performance, capacity, longevity and price. When choosing a suitable battery, go for the best performance at the best price, but make sure it has a good warranty – some are only 2-3 years, others are up to 10 years.

Remember that Solar Power system is a great source of free electricity for other applications such as powering Air Source Heat Pumps, underfloor heating, electric immersion water heaters and charging electric vehicles. What are normally energy hungry products can be powered for free. Ask the energy advisor about the best product solutions for your requirements.

What about costs?

Installing a renewable energy system may be a significant upfront cost, but should be considered a long term investment that will secure your future energy needs without the fear of continually rising energy costs. Remember that during the energy crisis of 2022, a number of successful family businesses such as bakers and butchers went out of business simply because they were faced with astronomical electricity bills after coming out of fixed price energy contracts.

Unlike the purchase of a car, a solar system will add worth to your property and help values appreciate over time. Most systems are staged payments and only paid for in full after completion. Depending on your location, industry sector or if you are a private resident, grant funding is often available to help with the installation of renewable energy systems. Your energy provider will be able to advise you what’s available at the prevailing time.

Sum up…

With the rising uncertainty of energy prices, the Solar Power industry is seeing a mass of interest in their products, but met with profound confusion from the general public.  There is widespread competition amongst energy installers offering attractive low cost options and undercutting tactics, but make sure your installer is registered and complicit with industry standards. Thankfully Celtic Green Energy are well established with a formidable reputation for quality and service. they have a particularly good reputation of understanding their products and helping advise customers on the most appropriate choice for their needs, aspirations and budget to provide them with long term fuel security.

If you would like to know more about having solar power system installed, you can call their energy help line 01269 500388 or learn more and visit their website here.

Here’s to brighter tomorrows and sunnier savings!

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