Green energy is a great choice for many reasons. Renewable energy is generated from sources that can be replenished. So, instead of burning through fossil fuels that can’t be replaced, the energy is produced in a way that’s sustainable for the long term. Many homeowners are making the switch to green energy to save money on their bills. Businesses are also turning to renewables, and they also benefit from the ‘clean’ image that renewable energy brings. There’s no better way for a company to show their commitment to sustainability than to install renewable energy systems.

The Environmental Benefits

Fossil fuels like coal and oil are popular because they’re cheap to obtain and distribute. When burned, they released carbon dioxide into the air, which is a contributor to global warming. Fossil fuels are a finite resource, so when we’ve burned through all of them, they are gone for good.

The Economic Benefits

Renewable energy can save you money on your energy bills. Solar panels let you generate your own electricity, and with battery storage installed you can make the most of all the energy you produce – even at night.

Although the initial cost can seem daunting, once your renewable energy is set up you’ll reap the benefits immediately.

Garage with solar panels installed

The Sustainability Benefits

It’s estimated that we only have 50 years of crude oil and natural gas left, so many of us will live to see some finite resources run out. How unsustainable is that?!

Thankfully, the sun and wind won’t run out. Nor will any other source of renewable energy, for that matter. The only limitations on availability are day to day weather conditions. This is where battery storage comes in handy, so you can save up excess resources.

Renewable Energy for Domestic & Commercial Spaces in Swansea

Now that you’ve read about the advantages of green energy, find out more about what you can install to produce renewable energy in South Wales. Celtic Green Energy specialise in renewable energy solutions and offer a number of systems to choose from.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is a great option for homes and commercial properties. They’re a cost-effective addition to any building and will allow you to future-proof your energy supply. You’ll see a reduction in your energy bills as soon as they’re installed and they don’t require much maintenance. Solar panels have a reputation for being expensive. They do require an initial up-front cost, but as a long-term investment they absolutely do pay off. They’re also 70% cheaper than in previous years, so if the price put you off in the past it’s probably worth doing some research on the current market.

A team of men installing solar panels on a roof
Uncovered Ground source heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump transfers heat from the ground to your heating and hot water systems. The pumps use pipes that are buried just over a metre deep in the ground outside your home. The heat from the ground stays at the same temperature all throughout the year, so they’re a very reliable heat source.

Air Source Heat Pumps

These heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source, but instead extract heat from the air. Although the name suggests that the air needs to be warm, this isn’t the case. Air source heat pumps can actually extract heat from air at temperatures as low as -25 degrees!

Both types of heat pump are a great option for well-insulated homes. For older homes with poor insulation, they may not be as efficient. To find out more about whether a heat pump system could be compatible with your home, call Celtic Green Energy for a friendly chat.

Outdoor air source heat pump

Call Celtic Green Energy to Discuss the Benefits of Renewable Energy in South Wales

Celtic Green are specialists in renewable energy. We supply, install and maintain green energy systems throughout South Wales. With over 10 years’ experience, we offer bespoke advice to find the best solution for you.

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