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Celtic Green Energy installs renewable energy solutions into domestic and commercial properties accross South Wales, here is a quick brief on what we offer:

Don't think that your only option of keeping your property warm is spending a small fortune on natural gas or other fossil fuels, heat pumps in all shapes and sizes are now being used throughout the country to save money and keep even large commercial building very well heated all year round, see more about mechanical heat recovery ventilators (MHRV) here.

Solar energy has become the fasted growing most popular form of renewable green energy all around the world for home owners and businesses, it can be used to provide both hot water as well as electricity and the avaerage roof will hold enough panels to make a house completely self-suffient and even earn the owner of the system an income by feeding any excess electricity back into the national grid, find out more here.

The UK Government has set some extremely lofty goals to reduce carbon emmissions significantly between now and 2050 and quite simply they need the your help to make that happen. This is why the Government has set out a roadmap of grants that are available to help cover the cost of purchasing and installing green energy products, download our free energy report for more info.

What clients say about us

The majority of our clients are corporations looking to cash in on the lucrative Government grants available to business owners adopting green technology!

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Michelle Williams - CEO at Shelby Art

I have one VERY happy husband... The Solar Panels are pumping our FREE electricity up and up on our gadgets! Smiley faces all round. Up to 21kilowatts already & the days not over! Gotta love free electric!!!

electric car customer

Vic Brown - CEO at fixing people

I had one both for the house and holiday cottage. No strings attached and no need to either have an electric car. All part of a latest govt fund to increase the infrastructure for future electric vehicles growth...

All Black Solar PV System from £3,400 fully installed

No gimmicks. No pushy sales staff. Just great performance & service for low prices.

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Less Than 2 Years Left to Claim Your £5,000 Government Grant For Buying An Electric Car!

With a £5,000 grant available for buying your electric car and a further £900 grant to help cover the cost of installing a home EV charging point, now is the time to take this opportunity while it lasts.

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UK Renewable Energy Facts

There are approximately 27.3 million households currently in the UK 497,998 of which had installed some type of renewable energy device to their home by August 2013 and are enjoying the financial benefits of the Feed In Tariff (FIT).

Commercial RHI Claims

Electric Cars


Solid Wall Insulation


Solar Fitted Homes

12 Lucrative Government Incentives!

Have you ever found out an amazing government grant or financial incentive too late? Well don't make that same mistake again! Download our FREE eBook which details 12 current incentives that you can take action on right now.

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