Reliable UK Wood Pellet Boilers

It is no secret that some brands of biomass boilers can cause no end of problems, so here we have selected for you a list of wood pellet boilers with an excellent track record of reliability and efficiency.

Concerned About Pellet Boilers?

People tend to have a number of concerns regarding the wood pellet boilers:

  1. The cost of pellets, now and in the future.
  2. How do wood pellets compare with other fuels?
  3. The quality of the post installation service.
  4. How will it affect the value of your home?

Find out more about how biomass works...

how biomass boilers work

Wood Pellet Boiler Running Costs

The cost of wood pellets in the UK has risen quite significantly over the last five years, particuarly since the announcement of the domestic renewable heat incentive tariff by the government. During 2014 a pallet load of wood pellets (1Ton) rose from approx. £240 - £300, it is a legitimate concern, one remedy is to have a dual fuel boiler installed that will also run on wood chippings.

Running Cost Price Comparison

Pellets are by a hefty margin the most efficient fuel source for biomass getting the most kWh's of energy per kilo of fuel. However wood pellet boilers are not cheaper to run than all other types of heating solutions! Check here to see how biomass compares the other heating options that you have.

Post Installation Service

This has to be the biggest complaint customers have in the UK after having a biomass system installed. There are many cowboy instalers out there that offer cheaper installations but follow-up up with very poor, if any support at all when things go wrong!
The best solution to this problem is to check you have a maintenance contract in place as things WILL go wrong as you get used to looking after your new biomass boiler.

How will a Biomass System Affect House Price

The short answer here is it will not be any worse than if you had a house powered by oil or LPG, neither of which are an attractive prospect. Biomass will not add as much value to your home as a good ground source heat pump, but if you have a good quality system installed and not some unreliable piece of junk from Eastern Europe then it will certainly not negatively affect the value of your property.

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