What is Biomass?

Why biomass boilers are set to replace fossil fueled heating systems...

Understanding Biomass

Once upon a time man discovered fire and for thousands of years homes were heated throughout the world with fire fueled by wood. This went great until the 21st Century when gas networks began to provide homes with cheaper more convenient heating systems, fireplaces were out and gas boilers were in. Unfortunately the gas companies have been steadily rising the cost of their gas to the point were people have begun looking for alternative heating solutions, biomass boilers are one of the most effective modern heating solutions. The biomass boiler may be ultra sophisticated but their is nothing fancy about the fuel as they will run off pretty much any dried organic matter!

Biomass boilers are far more sophisticated than the old fireplaces that came out of peoples homes, biomass boilers not only power central heating systems but they also provide hot water and can operate on a timer which dispenses fuel into the burner on demand, the fuel store will require topping up from time to time so is not as handsfree as a gas fueled system but they run at a fraction of the cost. Plus best of all the government offer a very healthy renewable heat incentive (RHI) grant that pays for the system, installation and if you are a heavy user, a lot of extra profit as well.

What Fuels Can Be Burnt?

Your biomass boiler will burn most kinds of bio-matter such as grains, wood chips, olive kernels, saw dust, wood logs, cocoa pellets and wood pellets.

  • Wood Pellets
  • Grains
  • Wood Chips
  • Olive Kernels
  • Wood Logs


Let's put our cards on the table, in this business there are plenty of desperate or cowboy installers out there willing to install systems at knock down prices. Choosing one of these cheap but risky installers could cost you more than you expect, an ill fitted system could cause fatal damage. We offer a fair price for a quality and professional installation:

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    No Hassle Quotation...

    With so many different Biomass boilers available and so many different types and sizes of buildings it is impossible for us to offer a price here, so call or email to get started.

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    Multiple ways to pay...

    Once you have decided that Biomass is right for you or your business and placed an order we shall order the equipment immediately and will contact you to arrange installation.

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    Get it done right...

    With fully qualified professional and experienced installers you have nothing to worry about, we endevour to make the installation process as hassle free and non intrusive as possible.

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    Let no corners be cut!

    Once the installation has been completed one of our safety inspectors will be around to ensure that everything has been fitted to a high standard and that no corners have been cut.

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