Voltage Optimiser

Save around 15% on your electricity bill!

Voltis Voltage Optimiser

Want to escape those daunting electricity bills which keep on growing? We have developed Voltis Home, the easiest way to bring them down again. Not only can you save money on your energy bills, Voltis Home also helps reduce your carbon footprint, keeping the planet a green environment.

Despite UK voltage being supplied at around 240 Volts electrical equipment, including everyday household appliances, actually works most efficiently at around 220 Volts. This not only means an over-supply of energy costing you substantial money, it can also damage and decrease the lifespan of your electrical goods.
As specialists in voltage optimisation (matching your electricity supply to your appliance needs) and domestic energy efficiency, our unique units can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified technician and can start saving you money immediately. With the display feature you can even see how Voltis Home saves electricity with the ‘voltage in’ and ‘voltage out’ calculations.
About Our Voltis Home Energy Reduction Units:

  • Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Increases the life of household appliances
  • Easy to install by a qualified electrician
  • Greater savings compared to other systems

Voltis voltage optimiser


The UK electricity distribution network operates at a nominal 230V, although in practice average voltages are more likely to range between 240V and 245V. The Voltis unit manages voltage to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK, regardless of the incoming supply voltage.
The amount of energy saved is device specific, for example: testing by Voltis on fridges and freezers shows 17%, 15% on normal light bulbs and 10% on energy saving light bulbs. One digital cordless phone showed an extraordinary saving of 44%. Savings will vary dependent incoming voltage and individual devices.
Further savings can be made on washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and numerous other electrical appliances across the whole house.
Typically, whole house savings are in the region of up to 12% - which means, household electricity bills will be around 10% less each year.

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