Underfloor Heating Cost

Ever since the Roman empire, underfloor heating has been the ultimate form of luxury home heating systems. Technology has come a long way since the times of the Romans and has made underfloor heating far more affordable than ever before. So if you would like to enjoy warm feet all around your home, have no messy dust catching radiators and better looking rooms then you can have an underfloor heating system fitted at very little additional cost compared to standard radiators.

Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones - Media Consultant

I love underfloor heating but I would NEVER put electric heating my whole house. Definitely put the water pipes in and run it off the boiler, it just gives such a nice constant heat throughout the rooms.

Claire Hill

Claire Hill - Business Strategist

I think it is absolutely fantastic... it's a different type of 'warm'. Radiators don't heat a room like ufh does... ufh gives you a far more comfortable ambient temperature.

Does Underfloor Heating Cost Less?

Running costs are one of the biggest factors to consider when deciding on which type of heating system you wish to install and if you choost the correct set up you could even earn all your money back through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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Cutting the Cost

If you already have a boiler running on mains gas then your running costs will actually be less than if you had a pellet fuelled biomass boiler installed, but if you are off gas and using LPG or Oil to fuel your heating then a biomass boiler would save you a fortune and provide you an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

How much is Wet Underfloor Heating?

"All figures on this page are worked out based on an install into a living room 18m2 with laminate flooring with the system running 5 hours a day for 150 days per year."

Wet underfloor heatingCost to install: £1,350 (parts kit & new flooring)
Cost to run: £65 per year

The cost per year is based on the boiler feeding the system running on either natural gas or wood burner (biomass), it will naturally cost more for an LPG or oil fed boiler. However evidence has proven over the last 30 years that due to underfloor heating requiring a lower operating temperature than radiators it does work out costing less than overall.

How much is Dry Underfloor Heating?

"All figures on this page are worked out based on an install into a living room 18m2 with laminate flooring with the system running 5 hours a day for 150 days per year."

Dry underfloor heatingCost to install: £900 (parts kit & new flooring)
Cost to run: £215 per year

Cost to install is cheaper than a wet system and will not raise the floor level as much, it is relatively quick and hassle free to install but there are a few drawbacks to electric underfloor heating.
Firstly the cost to run is quite staggering compared to conventional radiators or wet underfloor systems, so it is best to use sparingly, great for bathrooms or small kitchens for occasional use but certainly should not be used as a main heat source unless you have deep pockets!

Heating cost compared to ELECTRICTY

Electricity 100%

LPG 64%

Oil 48%

Wood Pellet 33%

Natural Gas 31%

Coal/Logs 29%

Choosing the Right Set-up

Unless you are generating your own free electricity from solar or some other renewable source then heating your house using electricity is by far the most expensive option. Also electrical underfloor heating systems are far more prone to failure than hot water pipes, plus when thay do fail you are left with little option other than pulling up the floor and starting again.

The Solution

If you are covering a small area of flooring in a bathroom or kitchen for occasional use then electric underfloor heating is cheaper and much easier to install. However if you plan to remove your radiators and have the room solely heated via underfloor heating then have a wet system installed.
If you already have radiators installed then switching to underfloor hot water pipes is relatively straight forward.

Commercial Underfloor Heating

commercial underfloor heating

Wales is not known for being a particularly warm country but that is no reason for your employees or customers to be getting cold feet.
If you are renovating a new workplace then now would be the perfect time to take advantage of fitting an underfloor heating system that will be able to warm all of your employees and customers consistently, not just those sat next to the radiator!

Not only will customers see you as being generous and your employees worship you for your kindness but can actually make fantastic business sense if done correctly using a renewable fuel source.

You may have heard that the “average” home would only save approx. £20 per year with a wet underfloor system compared to standard radiators but, that is when the system is powered by a standard combi boiler, how do the figures stack up when using an ground source heat pump or biomass boiler? Plus Commercial property tends to have much higher ceilings, leaving conventional heating systems pretty much useless in cold weather.

Depending on the location and type of business you have either a heat pump or biomass boiler is likely to be the preferred option.
Both of these come with highly lucrative government grants (RHI) which is paid out over 20 years.

Your business would have its very own green energy power plant which will warm the hearts of your customers and employees while earn your business a small fortune in government green energy incentives.

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