Green Energy Financial IQ Test

Just How Green Energy Grant Savvy Are You?


Answer 10 questions to see how savvy you are!

Q.1 How much is the grant you get for buying an electric car?

Q.2 Up to how much can you get for having a Electric car charging pod fitted in your home?

Q.3 How much does it cost to have a standard home 4kW Solar Panel system installed?

Q.4 How much should you get back over 20 years with the Solar Panel System?

Q.5 Typically how much would you save on your electricity bill with a voltage optimiser fitted?

Q.6 What cash incentive do you get to have a Biomass boiler fitted?

Q.7 Complete the sentence - Biomass running costs are ____________ cost of Electricity.

Q.8 Complete the sentence - Biomass running costs are ____________ cost of LPG.

Q.9 A solar thermal system will heat your hot water and create an income for seven years of approx...

Q.10 You can gain RHI payments of 7.3p/kWh or 18.8p/kWh for heat pumps, which type of heat pump pays the higher tariff?

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IQ Test complete!

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Our History

Celtic Green Energy is the renewable division of Celtic Restorations Ltd. With over 10 years experience in the construction of energy efficient homes. We have been at the forefront of renewable energy installations. Incorporating the latest technologies we have set the standards that others follow. All of our products have been tried, tested and MCS approved enabling eligibility for Domestic or Commercial RHI payments.

Our Vision

We know that people like yourself love to use technology but that technology requires power, government is committed to put an end to the use of harmful fossil fuels and offers very healthy financial incentives to help people take the step into a greener future. We want to help you take advantage of these financial incentives while thay are still available and make the world a greener place.

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