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Solar Panels Cost - Getting Paid for your Solar Installation...


MONITORING Our PV Microinverter Systems are monitored 24/7 We will contact you in case of any component failure. This ensures total peace of mind that your system is running at maximum production.

MAINTENANCE Why it makes sense Tailoring a maintenance contract to your specific requirements is a good way to save money, in fact savings, generally amount to considerably more than the cost of the annual contract. Whether it be a PV System, Thermal or a Heat source pump, for total peace of mind we can provide one of our tailor made maintenance contracts. At CelticGreenEnergy we pride ourselves in offering service for the life of the product you have purchased from us. Our Service Centre has been established for over 10 years, and we have been providing an in warranty and out of warranty repair service for most of the products we offer during this time. We understand that the equipment you purchase is important to you we therefore we offer a range of service contracts and agreements to cope with any eventuality. Tailored agreements If there is not a standard contract to match your requirements, then we can tailor an agreement to specifically meet your needs and give you peace of mind that your technology investment is protected. It's your choice, and helps you to maintain an efficient operation regardless of everyday challenges.

Solar PV

PROTECT YOURSELVES FROM FUTURE PRICE RISES. With all energy companies increasing energy prices on average by a total of 8% there has not been a better time to realize the potential savings that can be made from Solar PV. Our 4kw PV Systems start from around £5500.00 fully fitted. With potential payback returns from your investment around 6 years!!! With Government payments and fuel savings over the 20 years period giving a return in excess of £23000.00 Contact us for a free survey.

Solar PV Service & Maintianence Contracts

We like to give our customers choice and that is why we are offering 3 levels of maintenence proctection. Furthermore, if we did not install your system, no problem... We can still help!


  • £26 per quarter
  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £99 per annum and save 5%.
  • Safety & Performance checks
  • Clean components for optimal efficiency
  • official service certificate on completion


  • £39 per quarter
  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £150 per annum and save 5%.
  • 5% discount on repairs
  • Extra inspection per year
  • plus same as lower level


  • £53 per quarter
  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £200 per annum and save 5%.
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • Priority service incase of breakdown
  • plus same as lower levels

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at any time...