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Solar Panel Kits - (fully fitted price)

Free Solar Panels Bonanza

free-solar-panelsNo doubt at some point in the last 5 years you would have had a leaflet or two through the door from some company telling you that you can get free solar panels fitted to your roof, the one thing on your mind just like everyone else would have probably been "is there a catch?".
Well you would have been right to have been concerned as there is certainly a catch in this 'free solar' strategy.
The main problem with these "rent my roof" schemes is that you will have a 20+ year lease on your roof space which means if you are planning on selling or re-mortgaging anytime within that 20+ years you could be in for problematic as many lenders are currently not offering mortgages on these types of properties, it is because of this reason that Celtic Green Energy will not offer this type of deal, however with the income YOU as the FULL OWNER of the solar system would receive from the governments feed in tariff you would soon be able to re-coop the entire cost of the system as well as earning yourself a tidy profit rather than allowing the company "renting your roof" to take that money!

However if you are certain that you would like a free solar installation, then we would recommend a local South Wales company; Environ Solar. They are experienced and the finance to pay for your solar panel kit comes direct from a large pension fund company.

Getting The Right kit For You

If you are like most people then you will want to know "How much can you get back?". We know you would probably like some kind of ball park figure to go off before you choose to go ahead and book an assessment so we have created the example above just to give you a rough idea...
Would you like cheap or quality panels which will last? The old adage certainly applies here "buy cheap, buy twice!"
How much are you likely to get back? The government pays the owner of the solar panel system a 'Feed-in Tariff' not just on what energy you feed back into the national grid but on the total energy you produce, plus you have the added benefit of a severely reduced energy bill.
If you intend to cut off from the grid completely then you are likely to need a 4KW system which would need space for approximately 16 solar panels on your roof.
The Feed-in Tariff ranges from 6.16p/kWh - 13.39p/kWh dependent on things like angle, size and direction of roof, type of property and EPC rating.
There is a huge difference in what you can get back from the feed-in tariff so proper planning prior to installation is useful in planning how you can get the most back from the scheme.

What's Your thoughts on Solar energy and the Feed in Tariff?

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