Renewable Energy Sources

Our Top 10 renewable energy saving solutions


Energy Saving Make your home more Energy Efficient: it'll save you money, make your home warmer and reduce your carbon footprint. These intelligent energy saving products improve energy efficiency and will help you to save money and save energy, so reducing your carbon footprint, cutting your energy bills and helping you to live in a warmer home.
For inspiration on how to make your home warmer and cheaper to run read our top 10 energy saving tips.

  1. Draught Excluders & Insulation
    • Draught Proofing Secondary Glazing Draught Excluders & Insulation
  2. Make your heating more efficient, and cut bills
  3. Magnetic Secondary Glazing
  4. easy to fit re-usable secondary glazing
  5. Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  6. LED, dimmable, spiral and globe energy saving lightbulbsEnergy Efficiency
  7. Home Energy Monitors
  8. monitor your energy consumption with a home energy meterEnergy Efficiency
  9. eco kettles, eco irons, energy saving toaster and vacuums
  10. Save water, save energy, save moneyEnergy Efficiency
  11. Standby Savers
  12. turn TVs, gadgets and computers off to save energy and moneyEnergy Efficiency
  13. rechargeable batteries, and battery chargers

Energy Efficiency Heating Efficiency Electrical Appliances Water Saving Save Electricity Home Energy Monitors Standby Savers Batteries & Chargers Kettles & Appliances Lightbulbs LED Light bulbs Dimmable Light bulbs Classic Globe Bulbs Ultra Compact Bulbs Candle Bulbs Halogen Replacements

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