R-Volt Aerovoltaic System

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With constantly mounting energy costs across the globe and a drive towards greener alternatives, the Systovi R-Volt system is the perfect solution when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

What is an R-Volt System?

The Systovi company has now made it incredibly easy for consumers to convert their buildings and homes into their own energy sources. With the Systovi R-Volt system, you can do this with the greatest of ease and feel fantastic about it, knowing that you are playing your part in preserving precious resources and protecting our environment.

While consumers may balk at the initial financial outlay when purchasing the Systovi R-Volt system, the energy costs saved in the long run simply by having a Systovi R-Volt system is definitely well worth it.

The Systovi R-Volt system offers 2 options: an in-roof and an on-roof option. The state-of-the-art Systovi R-Volt system (which, incidentally, is known as the most advanced solar panel in the world) is reversible and connects with a digital thermostat, filters and vents in an attempt to capture more of the heat potential from rooftop solar installations and uses it for home heating and cooling. The Systovi R-Volt system is built into the mechanical heat recovery system and can capture a whopping 60% of potential heat energy lost from standard photovoltaic panels! The face of the panel has a 250W capacity and the back of a 650W capacity. Users of the Systovi R-Volt system can save up to 50% of their heating bills and can enjoy up to 95% cleaner air which can result in health benefits (and who wouldn’t want that)?

FREE Electric, Heating & Hot Water All in one System!

Making use of solar energy is a wise choice because it cannot be exhausted and, best of all, it is free of charge! Unfortunately, even the best photovoltaic panels (like the ones that the Systovi company make use of for the Systovi R-Volt system) are not yet used optimally because, even while they convert the sun’s rays into electricity, they unfortunately do not benefit from the heat that they generate.

Because of this, Systovi has therefore made the decision to innovate and merge their thermal and photovoltaic panels. This was how the R-Volt product came to be and it has been a veritable revolution in the field of renewable energy.

With only a simple, single installation, 100% by air, we can generate electricity, hot water and heating for the home. This is known as an aerovoltaic solution for which Systovi was the proud innovator.

Just in case you were wondering if this system could cool your house as well, yes it can do that, too thanks to the radiative effect. Because it uses both sides of the panels in order to optimize the solar station, the panels produce photovoltaic electrical energy, and warm air is collected on the other side of the panel and blown into the house through a smart fan module directly connected to the digital thermostat.

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Sleek & Sexy Solar PV System

You also need not worry about your home being an eyesore due to it sporting an ugly solar panel because the Systovi R-Volt system is completely black and entirely integrated into the roof for a perfect aesthetic look.

In terms of performance, the Systovi R-Volt system is streaks ahead of its counterparts! It boasts 700W per panel, including 250Wp electric and 450W heat, which is the highest yield in the world when you consider thermal performance. This solution has also been duly certified by SolarKeymark European Certification. 1 kWh is consumed while up to 30 kWh returned.

If you suffer from allergies or are simply not a fan of dirty air, then you are going to love the Systovi R-Volt system because 90% of pollutants are filtered and the air in the house is renewed completely in 30 minutes. Not too shabby! In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your Systovi R-Volt system, the supplier offers a whole 10 years which is a nice feeling of comfort.

Many people have already had the Systovi R-Volt system installed on their buildings and homes and have had excellent feedback on the system.
For example; farmers in Mayenne, Mr and Mrs Grimault, who had one installed on their agricultural building had this to say” “What we like in R-VOLT system is clearly heating. We feel it, it heats! The system was installed in December 2013, so only 5 months, but we’ve already realized that we no longer light the fireplace during the day. We only light it in the evening and only a few times. This is only half of the winter, but we’ve already saved a lot. Next year, there will be a big difference.

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