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All heat recovery ventilation appliances surpass building regulation requirements. They can also recover up to 95% of the heat that you would otherwise lose through normal ventilation




Controlled Internal Ventilation
Fresh air or energy savings? With our mechanical heat recovery ventilation appliances you can have both. Regardless of the age or size of your home, we have the right system for you.

With up to 80% of allergy triggers being avoided with special pollen filters, alongside insulation and modern heating technology,mechanical heat recovery ventilation appliances are one of the necessary components in the energy-saving homes of today.

The main benefits of controlled internal ventilation are:

  • Moisture generated from bathing or cooking builds up within your home, especially visible on windows and mirrors. This can be avoided as air is extracted from these "wet rooms, eliminating mould and prolonging the life of the fabric of your home.
  • As fresh filtered air constantly replaces the stale air inside the home, unpleasant odours won't linger around the house from cooking, cleaning, cigarettes, pets or the bathroom.
  • Dust mites love to breed in moist environments, often causing allergic reactions to the unlucky occupants of the home. A MVHR appliance helps to maintain healthy humidity levels in your home making it less inviting for dust mites. This is a comforting thought when you consider that we spend 70% of our time, at home.
  • In Britain, 30 million people suffer from allergies and 10 million from Asthma. Special filters eliminate pollen and allergens before they enter your home. Our optional electrostatic filter can remove particles down to 0.01 microns, removing car fumes and even many viruses.
  • Traditionally we open windows for ventilation. However, in town houses and ground floors, this may not be the safest option for you or your possessions, especially at night.
  • A MVHR appliance will contribute to reducing your energy requirements and cost savings will therefore be enjoyed. This is because up to 95% of the heat can be recovered that would otherwise be lost through alternative means of ventilation (opening windows, having trickle-vents in window frames or extractor fans in bathrooms). Waste heat can also be re-used for heating of the air and water
  • Enjoy peace and quiet, by keeping your windows shut from outside noises. Also, unlike localised extractor fans, the MVHR appliance runs continuously and quietly.
  • Stale air in your home is constantly replaced with fresh air meaning that the cocktail of chemicals emitted from chipboard, furniture, cleaning agents etc will be removed, creating a much healthier living environment.