Wood Burning Stoves and Inserts: The Benefits

Recently The Wall Street Journal ran an article called “The Joys of a Wood-Burning Stove.” The writer was clearly enamoured with the idea of burning wood in a stove to heat their home, and even regaled the idea as being something that many homeowners look forward to doing every day.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

That article reminded us of a guest poster we had late last year named Kevon Binder, Jr. In that article he helped prep many homeowners on how to deal with the upcoming biting winter chill. We welcome him back today to help you get ready for yet another winter. Are you prepared?

The following are some of his thoughts on wood stove benefits for you to enjoy.

But why is a wood stove better?

For one thing, here’s something we learned from stanningleyfiresides.co.uk. Did you know that a traditional fireplace (open) will lose up to 80% of the heat it generates?

What it ends up doing is heating up the outdoors as well since the air circulates within the chimney. Basic physics says that’s a sure fire way to lose heat.

Wood stoves and inserts not only meet the EPA’s emission guidelines, but will also conserve up to 80% of its energy by being very efficient. This will cut your heating costs in half!

Although it depends on both the size of your stove and home, a heating radius of between 400 – 3,000 BTUs is normal for a stove.

Wood is the main source of fuel that you will use for both an insert and a stove. In most places, wood is by far cheaper than oil, gas, electric, and other fuels.

According to many specialists best type of wood you can burn is whatever is free and dry.

You want to focus on complete combustion versus incomplete combustion (which creates smoke,) so be sure to avoid untreated wood, inked paper, and cardboard. This will give you a better air quality and overall health.

Wood Burning

Creosote is notorious for being carcinogenic and flammable, so you must isolate them from wherever you live in your home.

One would argue that this is the most important part of a fireplace upgrade in terms of energy.

Remember that you are accepting risk whenever you light a fire in your home. You must decide how much risk is okay with you and your insurance company.

Wood burning and multi fuel stoves are a fantastic and also a green addition that many people can benefit a lot from. From reading this you should have a better understanding of this and be able to make a more informed decision around them.

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