Why Has The British Summer Been So Bad?

This summer; it is likely that you have been sat at home snuggled up in a blanket with the heating on, looking out of your window as the rain is lashing down and found yourself asking; 

“What has happened to the summers we used to have when I was young?”

hose pipe banCertainly no need to worry about a hose pipe ban being imposed this year or the lawn turning yellow through the scorching heat.
This year you are probably more likely to be concerned about the extra money you are spending to heat your home through the “summer” and the chances of catching yet another summer cold.


Is this Global Warming?

The idea of global warming does sound pretty ridiculous after 5 years of cold wet summers and of course the now regular summer flood season! Have you noticed how politicians have now changed their language and now call it “climate change” instead.

You would imagine that this post being on a renewable energy site blog would mean that we are going to say that the answer is you need to buy some solar panels, scrap your gas boiler and have a heat pump installed etc.

Well although that course of action would make you a ton of cash from government incentives for installing renewable technologies, we seriously doubt it will bring back those scorching hot summer holidays of the 1970’s-1990’s.

So firstly where has summer gone?

ZERO SCIENCE BS: We are not scientists and I’m guessing that you are also not a scientist so lets just talk plainly, no weird science talk just logic & common sense.

north sea remains

For years fishermen of the north sea have been hauling up countless remains of humans, mammoths and other land animals from the icy depths.
Clearly the north sea was dry land not so long ago, Were these stone age people destroyed by the rapid rising tide caused by too many camp fires releasing CO2 into the atmosphere?

fossils of snowdonIt gets worse…

For hundreds of years stories hae been told as to how the fossilised sea shells had got to the top of high moutains and cliff faces throughout the UK, including Snowdonia, Llangollen and Brecon Beacons.

In fact fossilised sea shells have been found up mountains all over the world including the Himilayas.

Some say they are evidence of a world wide biblical flood. Some say there is not enough water to cover the whole world but they come from a time before the land raised up out from under the sea bed (personally I don’t see much difference in the two theories, either the sea went down or the land went up!) Interesting when you consider that both the North sea along with the lost city of Atlantis has sunk down beneath the sea, but where can you say land has ever risen?

Really how exactly it all happened it unknown, when it happened is also unknown as you can’t radio carbon date stone since it is made up of stone (not carbon!).

All throughout the world there is evidence upon evidence of continual climate change through human and pre-human history.

Heraclitus of Ephesos 500 BCE


How Can We Bring Back Summer

The truth is that with or without human intervention this planet is continually evolving, rivers and lakes dry up, ice ages come and go and once fertile paradises dry out into deserts.

We are not blind to these things and cannot ignore the obvious, clearly the worlds climate has been changing all by itself without the assistance of the likes of you and I.

For sure throwing a bunch of CFC’s and other chemicals up into the atmosphere cannot be doing any good, but sadly large industrial countries are polluting the atmosphere with far more chemicals than you could possibly hope to offset by buying an electric vehicle and making a few adjustments to your households energy usage.

However as Tesco say “every little helps” and although it may not bring back summer, it is certainly a step in a more responsible direction and will save you a bunch of money not to mention give you a tidy additional income through the various government financial incentives.

summer of rain uk 2015

The Obvious Conclusion

Despite what the government would like you to believe there really is very little they can do to roll back the years of the earths natural change in climate.

All throughout history; the Earth has been in a constant state of change, ice ages have come an gone, land has both risen from and sunk into the sea. But is human invention a contributing factor?
Possibly but how much so, who can tell? All the scientists can do is collect data on the changes and create possible theories that fit rather well with government policy.

The Welsh 5p carrier bag tax is not going to bring back the scorching hot British summers of yesteryear and neither will any of the other highly lucrative “green” taxes.
While these awesome financial incentives remain, it would be crazy not to take advantage of them.

It will not change the weather, but it will certainly fatten up your bank account!


If you have any smarty pants answers as to what is causing such terrible summers in the UK then please share in the comments below…