Tradesman in Wales Unite

Here at Celtic Green Energy we have been feverishly working away building a new web-based platform to help our customers find good tradesman near to where they live.

find a tradesman screenshot

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The simple “Find a Tradesman” map that we have developed allows our site visitors to easily discover tradesman located near to where they live, but far more importantly it allows us to provide a much better service to our customers.

While carrying out our usual renewable energy product installations we are very often asked by our customers if we could also do a whole host of other tasks while we are there. Although we do have both the technical ability and the qualifications to carryout the additional work we often see this as a distraction to our already busy schedule installing renewable energy products.

Sadly for the last few years this has meant us having to walk away  leaving our customer not fully satisfied, we do not feel that this is good enough, so we decided to do something about it!

find tradesman more easily

We decided to join forces with a bunch of other local tradesman and have their locations plotted on an online map that we can access on a mobile device while working at a customer’s address. Now when a customer asks us to any kind of additional work that falls outside of our usual renewable energy category then we can quickly and easily refer our customer to one of the tradesman on our map that lives nearest the customer.

Now we feel we can always leave happily in the knowledge that our customers are fully satisfied and all their needs have been met.

If you have been a tradesman for any number of years then you would have no doubt already built relationships with other nearby tradesman, but you never seem to know enough people to ALWAYS give a referral.

If you are a tradesman that offers any of the following services and would like to be added to our map of tradesman then please visit find a tradesman now…

  • Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Plasterer
  • Painter
  • Electrician

Plus if you have any questions, concerns or cool ideas of how we could improve this service then please feel free to message in the comments section below.