NEW Solar Tech that also Heats Your Home

The conversion of sunlight into electricity has been around for quite a while now. Support from both the technology industry and government with incentive programs have aloud rapid development of solar panels as alternative sources of energy for generating electricity or heating. Systovi, a French manufacturer of solar solutions for residential use, has come out with an innovative solar panel technology regarded as the world’s most advanced system today called the R-VOLT Reversible Energy.

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It works not only as a source of electricity for home, but also as air purifier, as well as home heating and cooling system, an all-in-one solution to go environment-friendly with renewable energy. The basic system is able to generate up to 900 Watts of power (250 Wp + 660 W), but the company offers an optional upgrade to generate 750 W more heating power with its thermal booster. R-VOLT is eligible for feed-in-tariff in UK and other financial subsidies.


How It Works

The electrical part of the system is mainly composed of an AC Box and inverter. The main function of the panels is to absorb sunlight, but Systovi has enabled them to collect air both hot and cold. Air is normally wasted in solar panel system. Another important thing is the patented MODUL-R, which filters as well as takes benefits of cold and hot air for the existing home cooling and heating systems. When working, the system generates heat, but it has air evacuation mechanism to remove excess of heat to make sure smooth operation. Removal of hot air assists temperature control in your home as well.

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An electronic card is planted to the electrical part. The card receives thermal data and instructions from the thermostat. Because MODUL-R is synchronized with the main heating system installed in your home, both are working together to generate comfortable temperature by using only clean energy from the sun and air. Even better, the air goes through F5 filtration system for up to 95% purification before it reaches your living space. To use energy more efficiently, there is an EcoBoost mode which automatically activates when the under-panel temperature reaches more than 23°C. With an active EcoBoost, the maximum air flow is 150m3/h.

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As previously mentioned, the panel installation is synchronized with the central heating system in your home. There is also an electronic card to analyze statistics from thermostat. The air collected under the R-VOLT’s panel is cooler than the air above it (outdoor air). Taking advantage of this cool air, your cooling system has less workload; by blowing this cool air, it is easy to bring down the temperature after all-day heating. This is free cool air without using any electricity at all. The same thing can be said for the heating process. Even during December when the average temperature outside is 5°C, R-VOLT is able to generate hot air of 22°C. This means the main heating system may not even have to work at all.

r-volt eco boost

During mid-season, R-VOLT can be used as your primary heating system. Hot air blown to your home dissipates very slowly. At the same time, cold air from the outside is blocked. In other parts, the panels keep on collecting more warm air, so the indoor temperature remains stable regardless of outdoor temperature without energy-hogging heating system. A typical ventilation system works by removing polluted air from your home, but it does not try to replace it with fresh air. R-VOLT brings a solution to this problem by bringing in purified air.


Flexible Installation

MODUL-R is designed for easy installation. Its flexible set-up allows you to install it in any house or room configuration from wall space fitting, ceiling space fitting, to two-storey building with either converted or unconverted loft. R-VOLT is available in two different installation types: on-roof and ultra-integrated. The former does not require any major reconstruction of the roof, because it is simply mounted and secured to the roof by using L-Frame Technology. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally without altering air-tightness and modularity factors.

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Ultra-Integrated design basically uses roof space or acts as roof tiles. It is flat and suitable for all roof types. Integration with the roof uses SYSTOetanche Technology, a double sealed frame and monoblock rail to improve reliability and strength in all weather conditions.

In general, R-VOLT is able to perform its four primary functions because its front and back sides are all functional. While the front side (the outdoor side which faces upwards) absorbs sunlight and generates electricity, the back side collects air and uses it to help your heating system reduce energy consumption. Thanks to the panel’s premium components, they generate 167 Watts of electricity per meter square.


It Works During Winter and Cloudy Days Too

The common assumption is that solar panels will be effective only during sunny day. This is indeed the ideal condition, but R-VOLT is still able to function as additional part of heating system by blowing hot or cool air depending on the desired temperature. At night, the noise produced by the working panels is only under 30 decibels.

Systovi is working with Atlantic group to offer thermodynamic hot water system. If you are planning to go totally self-sufficient in terms of energy, thermodynamic water tank is the next step to take. Preheated air from R-VOLT panels has 50% greater thermal efficiency compared to typical models; this is the highest in the market. It allows you to have hot water regardless of weather conditions for free all year long. The electricity generated by the panels actually offset the energy used for heating your water, so you are still saving energy consumption.

r-volt heat day and night


[alert-announce]R-VOLT by Systovi will be available in September 1st. During promo, the ultra-integrated variant starts at £7500 (from normal £8500), whereas the on-roof type starts at £6900 (from the normal £7800).[/alert-announce]

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