How Savvy Farmers Make Renewable Energy Stack Up in a Reduced Subsidy World

“There are still great opportunities in energy for farmers and landowners to invest, but now it’s more about tailoring solutions to meet individual needs.” Tom Beeley, Renewable energy advisor, CLA

Smart energy, energy storage and “behind the meter” optimisation are the new buzz words for farmers wanting to get the most from renewable energy initiatives post-referendum, say experts.

However, it is not just for farmers to profit from, some homeowners have also seen the light and seen the soon to end Feed in Tariff for what it is.

“A range of small scale technology providers have recently entered the market to provide ‘behind the meter’ storage at a domestic and commercial level. While it is early days for these types of storage, project costs are falling and genuine opportunities to optimise generation and move towards greater self-sufficiency from renewable energy are not far away for those already invested in renewables.

Our Australian cousins have been very switched on when it comes to battery storage. We all know energy costs have, are and will rise further, while the ‘feed in tariff’ is being reduced!
Australian homeowners have suffered the same fate, but they have acted quickly in adopting battery storage and preventing their renewable energy leaking out into the grid at a low value only to be sold back to them later in the day at a premium.

Here in the UK we have a few solutions of our own:

3 of the best UK home battery storage systems

Powervault: This outstanding bit of kit was first created back in 2012 as a means of storing the energy created from solar panels. As you might well expect though it is capable of storing energy from any renewable energy source plus even the national grid itself. Why would this be a benefit you ask… Well if you are on an economy 7 energy tariff you will have substantially cheaper energy costs during the night at low demand periods, the device can then store that low cost energy for use in your home/business during peak hours.
home energy battery storage
The powervault looks sleek and futuristic, designed to be the size of a small fridge or washing machine, it easily fits into any home. Installing is an easy task for any MCS accredited installer who can have you up and running in just a couple of hours.

Solax: One of the very first, if not the first company in the UK to have come out with a inverter/battery storage system. Solax have 3 battery storage solutions available for homes and businesses. Each on of there systems is well designed and looks the business, certainly should be on your list of possible solutions if you are looking for a home battery storage system.

enphase battery storage
Enphase Storage System: Enphase have been one of the very best product developers in the renewable energy sector. The battery storage units from Enphase come in small 1.2kWh units that can be fixed together to create battery storage solutions that perfectly suit your energy consumption needs.
Enphase have always been quick to adapt to new technologies, while their battery storage solution may well be robust and fit for purpose, it is not necessarily going to be the best possibly solution.