How Much Are Solar Panels?

An efficient modern solar panel will set you back about £165 ea

To be honest there are so many types of panels available these days that it is hard to choose what would be the best fit for your home or business.

  • Monocrystalline Panels: approx. £170 – Extremely efficient in direct sunlight at the correct angle, appearance is blacker than poly as they absorb a lot of light.
  • Polycrystalline Panels: approx. £160 – These are a better all rounder more suitable for the UK climate as they can take in a steady stream of sunlight all day from most angles.
  • Hybrid Panels: approx. £300+ – These are much more efficient than the other types so are smaller in size and can fit onto smaller roofs and still give the required system output, however the cost does not justify the increased efficiency for most.

How much are solar panels

Are Solar Panels Worth it?

Most house will look to fit a 4kW solar panel system to their roof as this means that they can gain the maximum return from the governments feed in tariff scheme (FIT).

Bare in mind that not all panels inverters and solar installers are accredited by the scheme and if you have the wrong kit installed or if it is not installed by an accredited installer then you WILL NOT be able to claim the feed in tariff!

Since the feed in tariff first came out in 2010 more and more installers have gotten themselves accredited and undercut their prices in order to attract business, this undercutting has brought the cost of installation down from around £12,000 in 2010 to just £5,500 today.

A 4kW system is made up of 16 250W solar panels, and these will need say 2 grid tie inverters at about £800 a piece then add in the cost of cables, roofing rails, clips and connectors and if you work it out you will see that the installers, due to the competitive market, actually make very little from these installations.

But What Will You Get back?

The feed in tariff pays back a generation tariff on everything that your system produces plus an export tariff thats pays you on 50% of what your system produces.

The export tariff does not actually pay you on what gets fed back into the grid, as to be honest they do not know what that figure is, they just estimate the figure to be about 50%.

Also since you are using the free electric generated from your system instead of paying 14 pence per kWh from the electricity company you can work out the savings. We posted these figures in a previous post warning of the next feed in tariff reduction.

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