Yes That Was Us You Saw On TV!

Last week on the 15th June 2015 you may well have spotted us featured on Wales This Week, the episode was titled ‘Power to the People’ and was all about renewable energy projects in Wales.

Below is a short clip taken from the episode but you may also be able to catch the full episode on the ITV site if it is still available.

Our part was nothing more than installing the solar panels to the eco homes in the new eco village in St Fagans just outside of Cardiff. The solar panel system that you see being installed in the video was a 4kW (16 panel system) of JA black Solar Panels.

I myself live in Swansea and was delighted to hear the news that the plans for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon have been passed. It is estimated that it could possibly generate enough power to supply 85% of households in Swansea (roughly 155,000 homes).

However there are some that are concerned about the environment and the effect that this could have on the marine life in Swansea bay. This type of tidal lagoon is a new technology that has not yet been tested in the real world, but is that enough reason not to at least give it a go?

You may well have seen documentaries where fisherman suggest a link between low fish populations around off-shore wind farms, whether this is something to do with the large electrical currents or just over fishing in surrounding areas is still being debated.
But if the same can be expected from the Swansea Tidal Lagoon then I’m sure the impact we be felt by the local fishermen here in Swansea.


But whatever is found to be true in the future, good or bad! We can be proud here in Wales to be on the forefront of renewable energy technologies and with a country as great as Wales why spoil it with huge ugly poluting power stations?