Best Campervan Insulation

Why are you still considering using that roll of old shiny campervan van insulation?
If you want the inside of your camper to look like something out of Buck Rogers from the 1960’s then fine I understand, erm sort of…

old style campervan insulationBut if you want to actually stay warm in your campervan and reduce the amount of condensation build up overnight, then you need the best campervan insulation on the market.

Insulating your campervan is a job you can only ever really do properly once you have completely stripped everything out of the back of the van down to the metal shell. Or when building your own campervan from scratch out of a second-hand van.

So if you are considering going through the expense and taking on such a big job we would imagine that you are the sort of person that is willing to invest the time and money into creating your dream camper.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Unlike the old silver roll of insulation your Grandad would have used spray foam insulation does not leave out any gaps. This expanding spray foam will fill all the gaps and so naturally keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But that is not all, with less cold spots you will find less condensation patches and therefore less if any mould.
Plus one more extremely well appreciated side effect, the added insulation also acts as a sound barrier so you will find that there is a substantial reduction in outside noise’s giving you a better nights sleep and more relaxing holiday.

How to do Spray Foam Insulation

OK, so this is the real dilemma, if you have ever used a can a “no more big gaps” in the past you will no doubt be aware that handling spray foam can be a little tricky and very sticky!

spray foam insulation in campervanApplying the spray foam to the inside of a van requires quite a bit of forethought not to mention skill.
It is a small place to work with lots of nooks and crannies to fill, you will need to have already plumbed in your electrics and pipework or have put pipework in place to run the cables through at a later date.
Top tip:┬áDon’t block up any drainage or vent holes, door hinges, lighting cavities etc.!
It is a very easy mistake with expanding foam, this stuff can get everywhere very fast.

As previously mentioned this is really a skilled job, a lot like plastering in a house. So if you want a proper job done right first time and feel all the benefits of that good job for years to come, do yourself a favour and hire in some experts to get this job done right while you get on with doing up other parts of the camper.

A small job like a camper is not at all a large area in terms of square footage so you may find it is actually cheaper than you might expect as you will save money on having to buy all the kit yourself.

spray foam wales

I suppose right now you would be expecting me to give a referral of some… Well I am not going to disappoint, these guys at Spray Foam Wales certainly know there stuff when it comes to spraying foam around the place.

Unfortunately they only cover the South Wales region of the United Kingdom so if you yourselves are another spray foam insulation company that does campers or know of any others companies then please share in the comments below as I’m sure there would be many people here eager to know.