8 Reasons Why Green Energy Companies DO NOT Support the Green Party!

You could easily mistake the UK’s Green Party as nothing more than a bunch of jolly eco-friendly renewable energy enthusiasts, but a glance at their manifesto paints a very different picture…

green party politics

1. The Green Party plan to destroy the countries defences by sacking the ~250,000 military and civilian staff working in the Army, RAF and Navy so that they can turn the military camps into nature reserves and melt down the tanks, planes and boats in order to build more wind turbines.


2. They believe that a modern tolerant society should not restrict what a person should or should not believe, so will remove anti-terror laws and encourage people to persue beliefs and support for ISIS and other such organisations as each individual see’s fit.
Unless however you are a Christian, as they plan to axe all funding for Christian schools and make any teaching on christianty illegal within schools throughout the nation.


3. The Green Party has decided that there is no need to control immigration and will instead have the borders open to all not just those from inside the EU.


4. They believe that every person living in the UK has the right to vote whether they be an immigrant or serving time in prison. Plus All immigrants will be eligiable for benefits.


5. The benefits system will be radically shaken up replacing all benefits with a one size fits all “citizen’s inome” of £72 per week. This payment will be paid to everyone living in the UK irrespective of need or nationality. {this is estimated to costs double the annual NHS budget}


6. If you are concerned as to how the Green Party will fund such extravegant funding on the influx of foriegn immigrants flooding into the UK for there free weekly benefits don’t be alarmed as the Green Party has it covered. Their plan is to oust the Royal Family and sieze assets from ALL people with a net worth of more than £3million in an annual Rich Tax.


7. Prostitution and all drugs to be made legal and freely available to all, but surprisingly bans on alcohol advertising and higher taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.


8. A ban on large international companies, or at least large fee’s which will force them out of business, plus huge levies on meat products so say goodbye to your local KFC and McDonalds for sure.



Having read through many of their policies I see little benefit for a green energy company like ourselves nor do I see how any of their policies fit in with making renewable energy technologies more accessable in the future to people on lower incomes.
In fact their policies are ludicrus and would no doubt lead to a flood of criminal gangs coming into the country while the wealthy people will be swiftly heading out.
Their entire economic plan seems to hinge upon stripping the rich of their wealth in order to pay for it all, but what happens when they have spent all of that money? Not exactly a sustainable plan, more reckless and irresponsible.

So who will we be voting for in the coming election… Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Conservatives?
To be honest, we are not yet sure…

If you like, why not let us know who you will be voting for and why? Do any of the parties actually have any good sustainable plans for renewable technology?


You can find a copy of the Green Party’s manifesto here…