8 Government Incentives Most Homeowners Are Missing Out On

Shortly after coming to do some web development work for Celtic Green Energy I (Ben Gillott) was so furious that no one had explained to me about the Feed in Tariff that I went on a hunt for more Government financial incentives that were available for me and my family to cash in on.

8 government financial incentives

The result was this short ebook which I made available through the Celtic Green Energy website.
(You must enter you Post Code in the CSCO funding form to download a FREE copy)

What follows is a brief description of 8 of the 12 government incentives mentioned in the downloadable ebook ‘How To Get Government Grants To Improve Your Life & Home’. I created this FREE pdf for you that helps raise awareness. I see people that are missing out on these incentives every day, NOT because they aren’t worth the effort but because people just are not made aware of what is available!

1. Feed in Tariff

As you would expect the solar PV Feed in Tariff (FIT) is one of the biggest and most sort after of the governments financial incentive schemes. Not only does it cover the full cost of installation but the current returns are still over 300% ROI in most cases!

It is no suprise then that we see so many investors and pension fund companies offering up the capital to unaware homeowners to cover the cost of installing solar panels. These are the classic ‘rent a roof’ schemes you have probably heard about.
Excellent for the investor as they get paid the FULL Feed in Tariff and make themselves a fortune while the homeowner gets to save a few quid each year on their electric bill, which is often offset by the extra mortgage expenses associated with renting out part of your home.

2. Renewable Heat Incentive

This is another scheme which is worth an absolute fortune when done properly. It is paid after having installed a renewable heating system, such as solar thermal, ground/air source heat pump or a biomass boiler.

RHI is paid out over 7 years and in most cases will fully fund the cost of installation – if however it is a commercial installation i.e. for 2 or more houses or industrial use then it is paid to you for 20 years and is worth a small fortune!

Tip: If you are a landlord who owns two adjacent properties or a building with 2 or more self contained flats then this is certainly an opportunity NOT to be missed.

toyota prius3. Electric Vehicle Grants

If you are considering getting a new car then you could save a lot of money on fuel and never have to visit the petrol station again by opting for an electric car.
These vehicles cost an average of 2p per mile to run and you can charge them from your own home, however having your own driveway/garage would really be ideal for this.

The electric vehicle grants are currently £5,000 for a car and £8,000 for a van

4. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

As of April 2015 you can now get upto 75% of the cost of fitting a homecharge vehicle pod system to your property once you are an owner of an electric vehicle. This payment is capped at £700, before April this grant was £1,000 and it did not even matter if you owned an electric vehicle.

As with all of these government grants, it pays to get in early as they ALWAYS go down in value over time.

5. Cycle To Work Scheme

Did you know that you can now actually have the cost of a new bicycle and cycling equipment like helmet, pump, lights etc. all paid for by the government?

This scheme will cover up to £1,000 worth of cycling equipment and is basically paid via your taxes at work. You have to have a word with your employer to help set it up, but the process is very straight forward.

Your employer then provides you with a certificate to take to the bike shop and order what you want, and it all gets paid off through what you would have been paying in taxes anyway.

cycle to work vouchers

Tip: Get an electric bike – you do not need a license to ride an electric bike and they will do a steady 15 mph with a 3 hour battery that should easily manage your morning commute.
Also if you have solar PV fitted at home you will be able to charge the battery with FREE electricity and enjoy £ZERO travel costs 🙂

6. The Green Deal

You have no doubt heard about the green deal. I don’t know why this has gotten so much publicity as it is really the worst value for the consumer.

Basically you pay well over the odds to get some work done to your house only rather than having to pay upfront it comes out of your energy bills for the next X years at the total cost of £???.

And that is the real problem with the Green Deal, installers will often charge what ever daft prices they like as the end consumer is never going to know about it.

7. Winter Fuel Payment

Fortunately for me I can not claim this just yet! But if you were born before the 5th July 1952 then you should be getting paid £100-300 every winter to help cover the cost of heating your home.
Some will get this payment automatically, some wil not in which case you need to make a claim!

There are also winter fuel payments available to people on low incomes or benefits, more details covered in the FREE download of ‘How To Get Government Grants To Improve Your Life & Home’.

8. CSCO Home Insulation Grant

This is one that I took up as soon as I found out about it after spending a very cold winter at home 2013-14.
You do not need to be living in a run down or low value house to be able to claim this free insulation all you need to be is living in an area which the government have deemed to be an area of low-income (which happens to cover the majority of South Wales).

This CSCO funding will cover the FULL COST of loft insulation installation, it will not cost you a penny, I know because I did it and was at first very sceptical of the claims that it was FREE…

loft insulationThere is no point calling up Celtic Green Energy as they do not do loft insulation, I myself had to go through a company I believe was from Cardiff called A&M Energy Solutions.
They did a good job and were very easy to deal with, I wouldn’t like to say to much as about how good they were as I don’t know them or their reputation that well, so all I can say is they did good and stuck to their word with the job they did for me.

Check if You Are Eligiable for CSCO funding:

All you need to do is go to the main page on the Celtic Green Energy web site where I have made a small form that will check the list of post codes for you.

Simply put in your post code and you will then be able to download the full copy of ‘How To Get Government Grants To Improve Your Life & Home’ containing all 12 government financial incentives.

Plus also finding out some useful facts about your local area and of course the news as to whether or not you can apply for 100% CSCO funding.

CSCO funding wales
If it says your post code is not an are an area of low income then congratulations but worry not as their are plenty more ECO grants available.

Happy hunting 😉