Biomass Maintenance Contract

  1. Do you have a maintenance contract for your biomass system?
  2. Do you think you might be paying to much for it?
  3. Why do I need to maintain my biomass system?
biomass maintenance

#1 Reason people will get a service contract

If you have a biomass boiler system installed in your property then the chances are that you are receiving a very generous financial incentive from the government each year, this incentive is called the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme or RHI for short.
In order to qualify for RHI payments you MUST have a boiler maintenance contract in place with a qualified and accredited installer or else your payments will stop!

#2 Reason should get you biomass boiler serviced

The government are not trying to force people to spend more money in this case but rather to ensure the RHI money is achieving the goals it was designed to meet.
We are not going to lie to you... Biomass boilers do require significantly more looking after than other boilers, plus if they are not maintained correctly they are likely to burn fuel inefficiently costing you more money in fuel costs and unnecessarily poluting the atmosphere with toxins.

In order to ensure that your boiler remains running at optimal efficiency and does not breakdown when you need it most then yearly servicing will be required.

biomass maintenance

So how much does this cost?

Every system has its own needs, but a smaller boiler (50kW) which requires one service a year can cost £275. A larger system (200kW) which also requires a service every twelve months can cost £425. Give us a call for free advice and a no obligation quote.

Some people are shocked at the cost of maintenance... But it really is not expensive when you really think about it. How much do you pay for a full service and MOT for your car each year? maybe £180 + £45 = £225
And remember, with an MOT you have to take your car to the garage whereas to inspect and service your boiler we have to travel out to you.

Plus you do not even pay for it out of your own money as you get paid the money in RHI payments from the government in order to cover the service costs.

What is involved in a biomass maintenance contract?

Each biomass boiler is unique and mainteance is carried out as specified by the system manufacturer, here is a list of the componants that typically require maintenance and cleaning:

  1. Draught controller flap
  2. Explosion flap
  3. Combustion chamber door
  4. Stepped grate
  5. Ignition fan
  6. Lamda sensor
  7. Combustion chamber
  8. Heat-exchanger
  9. Flue gas sensor
  10. Smoke flue pipe
  11. Measurement line of the underpressure controller
  12. Cleaning shaft
  13. Pellet vacuum collector
  14. Pellet bunker
  15. Ash box
  16. Pumps
  17. Expansion Vessel
  18. Balancing Valve
Biomass Boiler Parts

Heatpump Service & Maintianence Contracts

We like to give our customers choice and that is why we are offering 3 levels of maintenence proctection. Furthermore, if we did not install your system, no problem... We can still help!


  • £67 per quarter

  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £200 per annum and save 5%.

    • Safety & Performance checks

    • Clean components for optimal efficiency

    • official service certificate on completion

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  • £89 per quarter

  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £289 per annum and save 5%.

    • 5% discount on repairs

    • Extra inspection per year

    • plus same as lower level

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  • £120 per quarter

  • Or enjoy peace of mind with one payment of £380 per annum and save 5%.

    • 10% discount on repairs

    • Priority service incase of breakdown

    • plus same as lower levels

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If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at anytime...

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