Biomass and Bioenergy

Why the old ways are sometimes the best...


biomass boiler

Biomass fuels are solid fuels, derived from any plant-derived material that renews itself over a short period. Biomass energy systems are based on either the direct or indirect combustion of these fuels. Wood pellets are the most commonly used form of biomass fuel, and can be produced in quantity using by-products of the timber industry, such as sawdust and shavings. Other common forms of biofuel include bioethanol – produced by fermenting the sugar found in plant materials – and biogases, which can be produced through the anaerobic digestion of a range of waste products including plant material, sewage or municipal waste.

Most biofuels are suitable for direct combustion in boilers, or for use in power generators for the production of electrical power. They can also be used to provide both simultaneously, as part of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Wood pellets can simply be burned in a stove or furnace to release heat or produce steam. They are therefore suitable for a variety of applications, from small domestic systems to large-scale generation. Pellets can either be manually fed, or fed at regular intervals by an automatic feeding system.

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