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We are fanatic about Green Energy! If you are looking to ECO-Friendly and change to Green Energy, Contact us today!

Celtic Green Energy installs renewable energy solutions into domestic and commercial properties across South Wales.

Solar PV & Batteries

Heat Pumps (Air/Ground/Water)


Underfloor Heating

Spray Foam Insulation

Electric Car Charging


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We don't settle for anything less than excellent. We go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring the most efficient green energy installations!
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

CEO at Shelby Art

I have one VERY happy husband... The Solar Panels are pumping our FREE electricity up and up on our gadgets! Smiley faces all round. Up to 21kilowatts already & the days not over! Gotta love free electric! Celtic Green were fast and effective when it came to installation and customer service!

Vic Brown

Vic Brown

CEO at fixing people

I had one both for the house and holiday cottage. No strings attached and no need to either have an electric car. All part of a latest govt fund to increase the infrastructure for future electric vehicles growth.